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Antonio Liverano School International Ambassadors

Combining practical training in craftsmanship and operations.
The Antonio Liverano School International Ambassadors are all long-term retail partners and closely connected to the Liverano & Liverano company. They know Antonio Liverano, our tailors, our products and, last but not least, they are successful in the industry and know markets and customers in various parts of the world.

We believe that being a tailor means you must be a master of your craft securing your economic independence and the loyalty of your worldwide clientele. This is why we launched “Ambassador per Scuola Antonio Liverano” – in order to combine the experience of Antonio Liverano and the ambassadors to offer our students the best possible and well rounded education.

This partnership, characterized by substance, diversity and competence, guarantees a teaching method that goes beyond the mere teaching of the craft.

Vision, inspiration, contacts, feedback
Our Ambassadors are involved in the future projection of the school development and vision. They will actively contact the students at regular intervals to talk about their business, market trends, and to give impulses and inspiration for new ideas. Of course, they will also be available to students as business contacts beyond their studies. The Ambassadors proximity to the end customer, throughout the world, enables them to provide both the tutors and the students with helpful feedback on parts of their work.

And the ambassadors:

Hugo Jacomet a.k.a „The Parisian Gentleman“ is a best-selling author and one of the most respected voices in men’s style. His blog (Parisian Gentleman), his YouTube Channels (Sartorial Talks and Discussions Sartoriales) and his different Social Media Platforms gather an international community of gentlemen passionate with bespoke tailoring and shoemaking.

Mark Cho is the co-founder of The Armoury, a group of classic menswear stores in Hong Kong and New York, and the co-owner of Drake's, a storied mewnswear brand in London. He spent his formative years in the UK and graduated from Brown University in the USA. He is passionate about tailoring and has worked in the clothing industry for over ten years.

Alan See is the co-founder of the Armoury classic menswear store. «We champion artisans from around the world and provide a platform for the classic menswear community to connect.»

After studying fashion and knitwear design at Polimoda in Florence, he founded the Korean menswear store "San Francisco Market" and has been a key distributor of Liverano & Liverano in this market since 2013. While running his other companies "East Harbour Surplus" and "T.B.R.M." (to be real manufacture), he is a consultant for Korean and international brands.

Lapas Mekraksavanich is a co-founder of The Somchai. He has shown his interest in Italian culture since 2006 when he spent his time in Italy for his education in design and it was when he has learned about Liverano & Liverano sartoria. Since then he has always been involved in business with Italy. After hosting the first ever bespoke trunkshow of Liverano & Liverano in October 2016 in Bangkok and South East Asia. The Somchai store opened its door on February 2018 with the aim of introducing best quality products from around the world and provide the best service possible to the customers.