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The instructors team is composed of the bottega tailors

Maestro Tailor

The senior and most renowned member of the Florentine Tailoring tradition. Faithful believer in education and training who decided to dedicate himself to transmit his decenal experience to the new generation.


Since his childhood, he has been passionate about haute couture, starting with his professional training in high-school. After graduating, he enrolled into the Scuola della Camera Europea dell’Alta Sartoria Maschile.

Tailor Tutor

Born and raised in Florence, a graduate of a linguistics high-school, Leonardo followed his passion for men’s fashion and tailoring world, and worked as a salesman for Gucci while studying tailoring in Scuola di Taglio e Confezione in Prato.

Tailor Tutor

Filippo graduated from high-school with major in pictorial decoration after which he has worked as a part of the Florence Cathedral Dome staff. Since he joined Liverano & Liverano as apprentice, he grew his passion for tailoring and artisanal.