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The traditional artisan methods of teaching and training were conditioned by the particular mentality and habits of the master artisan.

The students, or disciples were not distinguished from the employees and usually started their course of training at a very tender age.

The duration of the “course” was undefine and the training program consisted of “look and listen” approach, nothing more.

The artisan tailor features, a unique set of attributes, experience, mentality and approach, are contained in his persona and traditionally were transferred to a limited number of selected successors.

Although it  would be a mistake to consider this “unplanned” method as a the lack of such, one of our most ambitious challenges is to translate this intimate experience between a master and his apprentices into an educational project.

Antonio Liverano is to be the first Master Tailor of his stature to institutionalize, systemize and engineer this magnificence heritage into a Tailoring school with a comprehensive program.